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The REMO® Ambassador® series is one of the most popular drum head lines in the world. The medium-strength, single-layer Mylar® foils produce an open, warm and resonant tone that varies throughout the series from brilliant and bright to focused and mid-emphasized to dark and soft, depending on the model. The Ambassador® Clear Snare Side model was Remo's first resonant head in addition to the Weatherking® drumheads in the mid-1950s. In order to offer the musicians of the emerging Rock 'n' Rolls more stability, Remo decided to expand the Ambassador® series with stronger skins. Initially, two films of 10 mil diameter were combined. When DuPont was finally able to produce Mylar® in 10mil total strength, it was the birth of the Ambassador® line, which today offers the most extensive selection of models, both resonant and drumheads for all drum types, and still writes music history to this day. The largest drum manufacturers in the world use skins in this series to equip their instruments as standard. REMO® Ambassador® heads are ideal for quiet to medium loud playing styles in live and in the studio. They fit into a huge range of musical styles, such as pop, jazz, fusion, blues, R&B, country, folk or acoustic music.

Remo Encore 14" Ambassador Coated

SKU: ENA-0114-00
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