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Powerful great sounding snare drum, ready to command the stage.

Ex-Demo snare, original heads still on.


Size: 14" x 5.5"

Shell Material: Oak

Shell Construction: 7-ply, 7.3mm

Hoop: 2.3mm DynaHoop

Snare Bed: 2.7mm

Lugs: Absolute Lug (Dark Silver)

Bearing Edges: 45-degree

Snare Wire: 25 strands/high-carbon steel

Strainers: Release: Q type / Butt: DC3 type

Drum Heads Batter: Remo Coated Ambassador / Resonant: Remo Snare Ambassador

Hardware: Dark Chrome

Yamaha Live Custom Hybird Oak 14"x5.5" Ex-Demo

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